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Elyssa (Lyssa) Malota

Bristol, Connecticut

Available For Hire
Custom Commissions: OPEN

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Senior Artist at Muse Paint Bar [EAD ENT. LLC]

West Hartford, CT

December 2021-Presently Employed 

Onboarding and Training Leadership: Implement onboarding processes, leading comprehensive training sessions for new team members. Covers product knowledge, company policies, and customer service protocols, resulting in accelerated integration and enhanced team performance.

Customer Support and Collaboration Efforts: Contributes to customer support needs while fostering a cooperative work environment. Delivers engaging instructional creative acrylic painting sessions, creating masterpieces for diverse audiences. Collaborates with corporate and fellow instructors to establish clear objectives and goals during classes.

Inventory Management and Operational Efficiency: Demonstrates adept inventory management skills, meticulously tracking levels to ensure accurate stock counts. Implements robust organizational strategies to minimize overstocking, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Managed bar operations and food prep, ensuring a diverse selection of menu items and staying updated on specials

Acrylic Paint

Art Teacher- ARTventures for Kids

November 2021- December 2022

  • Efficiently manage and demonstrate consistent weekly lesson plans and art supply logistics for local community organizations, recreation centers, and schools. 

  • Engage in strong classroom management skills, provide effective public speaking, and administer excellent customer service. 

  • Complete inter-state travel to collaborate and coordinate with other team members.

Previous Work Experiences
Plastic Eyes

Manager of Residential Services

Private Homeowner (Contact for more Information)

April 2017- August 2021

  • Manage household workflow, scheduling, coordinate and implement transportation strategies. Create a comprehensive daily care schedule for infants, and accompanied children to doctor appointments, ensuring their health needs were met. Implemented daily care schedule for family dog.

  • Orchestrated comprehensive childcare for two children, ages infancy to three and ages one to five. Facilitated educational achievement, introduced valuable social and emotional skills, fostered fine and gross motor abilities. Evaluated and tracked developmental milestones, and acted as mentor to children, providing emotional support. Developed and implemented personalized learning strategies monthly, curated complete summer curriculum including education in geography and planetary sciences, and facilitated enriching art projects.

  • Completed additional duties during family absences, maintaining security and household consistency. Highly skilled in meticulous cleaning and sanitation practices.

Professional Skills
  • 15 Years of Microsoft Proficiency (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

  • 11 Years of Customer Service Skills

  • 11 Years of Sales Experience

  • 10 Years of Concept Design Experience

  • 10 Years of Painting Experience

  • 7 Years of Childcare Experience

  • 6 Years of Leadership Experience

  • 5 Years of Google Drive Proficiency (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms)

  • 2 Years of Mural Creation Expertise

  • 2 Years of Classroom Management Skills

  • One Year of Website Design Experience

  • One Year of UX Design

  • One Year of Data Entry

  • One Year of Data Analysis

  • One Year of Filing Proficiency

  • One Year of SEO Optimization Skills

2010 - present
Paint Colors

Head Teacher-Children's Creative Learning Center

 2015- April 2017​

  • Constructed diverse and engaging lesson plans tailored to children ages infant to school-age, fostering a creative and stimulating learning environment.

  • Evaluated and reported on scholar success, focusing on developmental milestones and fostering gross and fine motor skills. Provided aid and personalized care for all pupils. Abided by all Federal and State laws and regulations, ensuring a secure learning environment. Regularly reported and filed student information, maintaining accurate and organized records.

  •  Fulfill stringent sanitation protocols in alignment with state and federal standards for the work environment. Completed monthly organizational strategies for learning tools and supplies, actively participated annual cleaning days. conducted repairs on objects within the workspace, and systematically organize storage to enhance operational efficiency.

2010 - present

Charter Oak State College- BA in Psychology

​August 2020 - present

Naugatuck Valley Community College- Associate's in Psychology

September 2017-May 2020​

Holy Cross High School- High School Diploma

August 2011- May 2015

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